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I'm Spencer

I am a full-stack web developer, project manager, and technical team leader and am looking for my next challenge in the edtech sector.

Currently, I am exploring more about the developments of AI and its implications for the future of educational technologies, and practicing my knowledge of React and Node.js in new projects.

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I am a certified web developer

I completed a full-stack web development course, where under the guidance of a personal tutor and mentor I went from my first html "hello world" to full web applications in the span of 7 months. My projects included building a Native Chat App, as well as a Full-Stack Project using the MERN stack.


I am a lifelong learner

I am hungry about picking up new and varied skills, and web development had been on my list for years ever since I set up my first WordPress travel blog. I enjoy tasks that challenge my mind, body, and resilience, and I love factoring new technologies into daily life and work.


I like to work with people

I love collaborating with diverse people and teams to generate ideas and solve problems. I have lived and worked on 4 continents, and from my 10+ years of professional experience I have valued allowing space and time for everyone to contribute their individual skills and perspectives.


I have a Master's degree

My MBA in International Management helps me keep the big-picture view present and critically evaluate information in making decisions. My specialization in business strategy puts me in a good position to think outside the box when facing technical challenges.


Besides Coding

I enjoy spending time outdoors in the forest, hiking with my dog and foraging wild mushrooms. I am a classically trained musician and perform regularly with amateur orchestras in Berlin. On the weekends, I am likely to be found renovating, gardening, or on a motorcycle excursion.

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screenshot of MyMovieApp home page

MyMovieApp - React

A web app that provides users with access to information about movies, directors, and genres. Users can sign up, update personal data, and create a list of favorites.

Server-side and client-side were developed using the MERN full stack. MongoDB, Node.js and Express were used to create a RESTful API, and endpoints were tested using Postman.

After passing through JWT authentication, the user can interact with the single-page application built with React and React Redux.

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screenshot of meetupp start screen

MeetUpp App

A serverless, progressive web app (PWA) built with React using a test-driven development technique (TDD). The app allows users to find events based on preferred location and topic, and add a selected event to their personal google calendar.

The app uses a MeetUpp API to fetch upcoming events for a selected city, and OAuth2 authentication flow. For the authorization server it uses AWS Lambda. Alerts for users are created by using an OOP approach. A service worker allows the app to work offline. The recharts library is used to visualize data with a scatter graph and a pie chart.

screenshots of myFlixAngularScreenshot

myFlix App - Angular

This one page, responsive application represents my first foray into Angular and is a re-build using materials from myMovieApp. The client-side interface pulls data from REST-API endpoints to display several views.

The code also features thorough endpoint documentation and was developed utilizing kanban project management techniques.

screenshots of chat app screens

Native Chat App

A chat app for mobile devices built with React-Native. It provides users with a chat interface where they can send/receive text messages and images as well as share their location.

I used Expo.io to develop the app which is optimized for both Android and iOS devices, and Google Firestore/Firebase for authentication and to store messages and images. The chat interface and functionality was created using the Gifted Chat library.

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screenshot of pokedex showing all pokemon

Pokedex App

A small web app built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap framework. Users can search through a pokemon collection that is loading from an external API. Details can be displayed in a modal by clicking on a pokemon's name.

A JavaScript search bar filters displayed modals as the user types to look for their favorite pokemon. The code has been formatted according to ESLint rules, and accessability tests were run using a tota11y JavaScript plugin.

screenshot of portfolio website home screen

Portfolio Website

A responsive, one-page website which showcases my professional portfolio, designed following a mobile-first approach. It is built with pure HTML, CSS (grid, flexbox) and some snippets of Javascript to toggle a hamburger menu and read-more buttons. The CSS code uses native variables for repetitive values. A postprocessor was used to improve browser support.


Spencer Utt
Berlin, Germany